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About Us

VJ Movement is a collaboration of more than 150 professional video journalists from almost 100 countries. As journalists we believe that “There is more than one truth.” That means offering different perspectives on a story and letting you, the user, decide.

How you can contribute

The core of each series is the ongoing dialogue between you and our professional journalists. By contributing, you can help set the news agenda. As a user, we’d like you to share your story ideas and suggestions; to put forward new perspectives that would otherwise remain untold and to add useful information that can strengthen our reporting.

Join us

Is serious independent journalism important to you? Then play your part in determining the news and join us. Membership is free. Take part in the ongoing discussion, share your perspectives and knowledge, and pitch your story ideas. You can register here.

Think we’re doing a good job as journalists? Please donate and allow us to continue to employ outstanding journalists.

What we produce

We look for stories that tell the reality behind the news. That explain how seemingly separate events are linked.

We bundle those stories in comprehensive but in-depth video series. To help put them in context, we link to a relevant selection of content produced by others.

We show human stories, but also in-depth interviews and analysis. As editors, we strive to present stories that add to each other. The whole series should be more than the sum of the individual stories.

As a user, you can help shape the current series and determine the next ones.

Provoking discussion

For us a series is never finished. Our videos are meant to provoke further discussion among users, offering new perspectives as a result. These new insights will in turn lead to more stories, resulting in a more balanced picture.

The VJM mission: “There is more than one truth”

Having different backgrounds means having different perspectives. In order to understand each other we need to know those perspectives and we need to understand where they come from. It doesn’t matter that users don’t agree with everything they see here, what counts is that the they understand where it comes from.

Objectivity vs. balancing perspectives

Objectivity is often seen as the core value of journalism, but the Internet offers opportunities to challenge that notion. No single journalist can produce an objective story alone. What journalists can do is show and explain a viewpoint. Based on the same facts, different journalists will come up with entirely different stories.

These are not wrong, but different, and that is exactly why they have added value. It’s not up to the media to judge perspectives; it’s up to each individual. That is what we mean by “There is more than one truth”. To get there, journalists and the audience play an equally important role.

Our professional video journalists work together with the audience to show those different truths.

Video journalists

Video journalists are multi-skilled. They film, edit and report on their own and they understand that they have a role to play in the dissemination of their stories, using the web. They look at society from within, not from above. They crowdsource intelligence among peers, but also among their audience.

Your role as the audience

You, the audience are everywhere. You see, hear and experience things. You have interests and expertise and networks of knowledge. You discuss the news you watch. And you distribute those stories you like.

In this era, journalists and viewers should be in a constant dialogue. We need to co-operate to get the best results. The VJM platform makes that possible. Here, you can do more than just comment, you can pitch your story ideas and help us shape the news agenda.

Quality and transparency

VJM is not citizen journalism. You can expect our content to be produced by experienced professionals who follow strict ethical guidelines. To get to know them, watch their profiles.

VJ Movement Foundation

The VJ Movement Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to support local journalists, empower quality journalism across the world and enhance international reporting. The foundation provides support and training to journalists in regions where freedom of the press is under pressure. It also strives to increase awareness of the importance of the role of journalism in society.