• In the North Eastern part of The Netherlands (in eastern Groningen to be exact) there is a town called Ganzedijk. The government wanted to erase Ganzedijk from the map, telling all inhabitants to find another home. This because there were less and less people that wanted to live there.
    After coverage by the regional newspaper "Dagblad van het Noorden" ( people from Ganzedijk managed to keep their homes and now the town is saved. This all happenend about three years ago. It would be good to go back now and see how the town evolved or if there's hardly anybody left.

    12 Oct 2010

    En el Ecuador El presidente Rafael Correa se ha mostrado muy cercano al gobierno de Irán, tanto que funciona una embajada y una oficina de comercio exterior, lista para hacer negocios binacionales, esto ha hecho que dentro del país y fuera de el, el gobierno de Ecuador reciba las mas severas críticas, mientras que los funcionarios se defineden aduciendo un tema de soberanía... me parece que dentro del contexto del tema propuesto esta historia podría funcionar...

    16 Mar 2011

    Miles de ciudadanos Colombianos huyen de la frontera sur de su país hacia Ecuador, victimas de constantes enfrentamientos entre militares y guerrilleros, en una de las zonas mas conflictivas del planeta, el Putumayo y Tumaco. El drama humano por el desplazamiento es patético, ni el apoyo de la ACNUR, ha podido aplacar el drama de miles de familias desplazadas por la violencia...

    13 Sep 2011
  • Video PitchAksai Chin - Chinese Kashmir

    I'd like to see a video from Aksai Chin - the Chinese administered region which India claims is a part of Jammu and Kashmir.

    How is nationalism played out in this region? And what do the people that live there want?

    05 Oct 2010

    57 periodistas muertos
    1 colaboradores muertos
    151 periodistas encarcelados
    9 colaboradores encarcelados
    116 net-ciudadanos encarcelados
    Latinoamerica está en segundo puesto (después de Asia) en asesinatos e impunidad. Y los asesinos? Mafias, carteles...y ninguna justicia por parte del estado. Terrible situación.

    14 Feb 2011
  • Video PitchChild begging in India

    India- we could easily see children daily raising their hands before strangers and most of the time they are screamed at. These beggars are just another group of harassed victims of a bonded life.
    More than money, these children expect compassion towards their tragic lives so that they could be rescued from vicious circle of poverty.
    Most begging children don’t actually have a choice. They just have to work irrespective of fever or any other disease. Teenager girl beggars suffer the worst. Be it a lorry-driver or the notorious traffic policeman, all look at them with bad intention.

    28 Jan 2011
  • Arctic. Hot spot or region for cooperation?

    Video PitchArctic. Hot spot or region for cooperation?

    A debate on Quaker seminar in Stockholm, July 27, 2011 by Yury Morozov, Agneta Norberg and the audience.

    03 Aug 2011
  • Video PitchA Matter of Decency

    Nobody knows exactly how many refugees are living underground in Denmark but in fact there are Danish citizens who choose to break the law in order to help them.

    29 Dec 2010
  • Video PitchThey're not men; they're not women; they're prostitutes

    Hijras are transvestites who live lives of desperation. They are cursed by birth, thrown out of their homes and disowned by families. Forced to live in communities, they provide financial and moral support to each other. Few want to employ them, and they usually have no schooling. As a result hijras have no options; most choose to dance at weddings to earn a living while others prostitute themselves or act as pimps. Since hijras aren't traditionally beautiful, the end up having to prostitute for little money and also find themselves forced to satisfy men with weird fetishes.

    20 Dec 2010
  • Video PitchDevoted to Each Other and Their Religion

    At the end of 2010, Illinois was on the verge of becoming the eleventh state in the US to legalize same-sex civil unions. One of the loudest arguments against this legalization comes from the state’s Catholic church, but the governor said he was informed by his Catholic faith when supporting the bill. As the debate constantly undergoes arguments about religion’s role in the state of marriage, gays in Illinois say they can adhere to their religion and celebrate their right to a same-sex civil union.

    09 Dec 2010

    • To just concentrate on Catholics would be missing the other religious viewpoints, such as those of the Episcopal Church. There are also liberl Jewish groups that support same-sex marriage. So there are two sides to explore in this.

      02 Jan 2011

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