Blackface is Standard Costume for Santa's Helpers in Holland




  • For those who have followed the discussion about the role of Black Face ('Zwarte Piet') by professor Verene Shepherd of the United Nations, please check our background story about the topic.

    24 Oct 2013

    I learn my children that Zwarte Piet is just dirty because of the chimney.... and I like the tradition though I'm a 'colored' foreigner living in the Netherlands

    08 Jan 2010

    Interesting story, Emily and Simon. I have never heard of this holiday tradition. Though patently racist through my foreigner eyes, it sounds as though the Netherlanders want to hold on tight to "tradition" by falling victim to purposeful ignorance. Some traditions are better off left in the past, or should be updated to fit modern day society.

    08 Dec 2009

    Nice story , I liked it so much

    04 Dec 2009